Outdoor Advertising is a highly effective way to build brand recognition becuase of the large visual impact it projects.  It cannot be turned off, thrown out, fast forward, or flipped to the next page.

Efficieny and Cost:  With the lowest cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of any mass media, outdoor advertising has always been the best buy when it comes to revenue growth.  Compared to other marketing vechicles, billboards provide a low-cost method of geographically, targeting specific consumers.  Overall, outdoor advertising is a highly effective, time-tested, and low cost method of growing sales and building brand awareness.
Flexibility:  Outdoor Advertisements can be placed directly in target areas, reaching the desired consumer base with less easte coverage than other media.  One can pinpoint prime marketing areas and amplify brand awareness in specific neighborhoods.  Quicker and cheaper production times allow for rapid changes to a marketing campaign when needed.